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Facts About You That I Love

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I love to write anything that could show you how much I love you. Since I have every reason I need to keep loving you everyday, so this one is written just for you, dear.

Facts about you that I love:

  1. You are authentic. It feels great that in this world that full of fake smile, where integrity is getting dissolved in our daily life, I found you who can managed to be who you are. And you are good on it. Didn’t I tell you every night that it was the person inside of you who caught my attention? A person that never afraid to do whatever she wants to do. A person that never worried about the way she looks. A person that talk and laugh as loud as she can without worrying how people will think of her. Well, that’s the woman I really need right by my side.
  2. Your smile is killing me everytime I saw you right in front of my eyes. People said that a smile reflect the beauty inside that person. And you with that “unbelievable super awesome like only belong to heaven” smile knocked me off my feet. Gravity was lost. And I’m flying, even though the idea of me flying is really impossible, but yes, you keep driving me insane with that perfect smile. So please keep smiling because people, yes including me, need to see you do what you’re good at: smile.  *now I’m sound like Cesar with that kep smayl crazily dance.*
  3. You have a noble personality that oneday will be known by other people as your signature character: You care about people. Your love for your brothers and all of those things that you’re willing to do for them, are awesome. Including all the good things you do for your friends, how you love to give them an unexpected surprise, like you did to me on my birthday last month; those are the perfect deeds that will be remembered by people who already touched by you. Knowing that fact, makes me the damn luckiest man in the world everytime I walk side by side with you.
  4. You have a great taste of music. I know you’re gonna say, “Naa. Every people has their own taste of music that defined their own identity and personality.” I agree with that. But my piano tutor used to say this, “Hearing any kind of musics will make you cleverer and more creative. You will be full of ideas and solutions. You will see things different than other people.” Well, I guess it’s true. Your music often takes you to the different level.
  5. You love me. That’s the most beautiful reality which is happening in my life now. After those 4 years of relentlessly waiting and chasing, now you become the woman that I really love and care about. Even tough we cannot be certain to what will happen in the future, I will make sure that your decision to love me back will be one of the right decision that you have ever made in your life; and I will always be in love with you, had a crush on you, every single day.

Every story soon will come to an end, but I wish *Ayah hears this every morning* our story will always find its way to be transformed to a new story of life and love every day.

With love.

Your R!


Written by Rolan Sihombing

October 16, 2013 at 1:10 pm

Posted in Cinta, Humaniora, Puisi

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